Change Log

21 May 2021 15:57 GMT

CBECI > Index: replaced 30-second network power estimate with 24-hour intervals due to unreliability of input data (real-time hashrate estimate). The methodology section has been updated accordingly.

20 May 2021 20:25 GMT

CBECI > Index: power estimates have been temporarily removed due to an issue with a data input source. The issue is under investigation and will be fixed as soon as possible.

19 Mar 2021 13:12 GMT

Mining map > Visualisation: updated disclaimer.

17 Feb 2021 08:30 GMT

CBECI > Methodology: The data source for daily network hashrate, difficulty, miners revenue (issuance+ fees), bitcoin market price has been changed from to The real-time hashrate estimate data source remains

11 Feb 2021 21:49 GMT

CBECI > Comparisons > Country Ranking: updated country consumption data (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2019)