While terawatt-hours (TWh) are a standard unit used to measure electricity consumption, it can be difficult for some to put these figures into perspective without additional context.

This section attempts to provide an unbiased and objective ground for helping visitors to independently assess the magnitude of Bitcoin’s electricity consumption and compare it to other uses of electricity.

Note: All comparisons are based on our best-guess estimate of Bitcoin's total electricity consumption. The listed comparisons are for illustrative purposes only and do not suggest that one type of electricity consumption can or should be substituted for another.

Fun Facts

Idle home devices

The amount of electricity consumed every year by always-on but inactive home devices in the USA alone could ...
power the Bitcoin network for
2.3 years
NRDC Issue Report (2015); own calculations

Tea kettles

The amount of electricity consumed by the Bitcoin network in one year could power all tea kettles used to boil water for ...
United Kingdom
22 years
Europe (incl. UK)
3.2 years
Murray et al. (2016), 2012 est.; Fisher et al. (2014); own calculations

University of Cambridge

The amount of electricity used annually by the Bitcoin network could satisfy the energy needs of the University of Cambridge for ...
549 years
University of Cambridge, 2017/18