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Index Changes

The CBECI follows the semantic versioning guidelines available at The two latest versions (excluding patches) will be maintained by the team, with the dataset available for download below. 


V1.1.0 – 15 Jul 2021 08:00 GMT 

Refined best-guess estimate with the retrospective inclusion of Antminer S7 & S9 distribution provided by Coin Metrics.

Download data in csv format


V1.0.5 – 10 Jun 2021 08:00 GMT 

Updated equipment list (available here).  

Download data in csv format 


V1.0.4 – 17 Feb 2020 08:00 GMT 

Prospective change of data source for daily network hashrate, difficulty, mining revenue (issuance + fees), and bitcoin market price from to Coin Metrics.


V1.0.3 – 04 Dec 2020 08:00 GMT 

Updated equipment list (available here).


V1.0.2 – 08 May 2020 08:00 GMT 

Updated equipment list (available here).


V1.0.1 – 29 Dec 2019 08:00 GMT 

Updated equipment list (available here).


V1.0.0 – 02 Jul 2019 08:00 GMT 

Index launch.

Website Changes 

15 July 2021 08:00 GMT

CBECI > Index: refined best-guess estimate with the integration of the estimated hashrate share of Bitmain Antminer S7 and S9 equipment from Coin Metrics. The methodology section has been updated accordingly.

CBECI > Comparisons: complete revision of webpage with new data and text.

CBECI > Mining Map: updated mining map with data from May 2020 until April 2020 included. Replacement of Microsoft PowerBI map with custom chart. Addition of new time series charts. Update of corresponding methodology section.

CBECI > About: updated website structure with new umbrella section ‘About’ which now contains the ‘FAQ’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Change Log’ pages. Change Log includes previous index versions. FAQ have been fully updated.

21 May 2021 15:57 GMT

CBECI > Index: replaced 30-second network power estimate with 24-hour intervals due to unreliability of input data (real-time hashrate estimate). The methodology section has been updated accordingly.

20 May 2021 20:25 GMT

CBECI > Index: power estimates have been temporarily removed due to an issue with a data input source. The issue is under investigation and will be fixed as soon as possible.

19 Mar 2021 13:12 GMT

Mining Map > Visualisation: updated disclaimer.

17 Feb 2021 08:30 GMT

CBECI > Methodology: The data source for daily network hashrate, difficulty, miners revenue (issuance+ fees), bitcoin market price has been changed from to Coin Metrics. We retain as data source for the real-time hashrate estimate.

11 Feb 2021 21:49 GMT

CBECI > Comparisons: updated data source for country ranking (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2019).

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